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It is a great honor to welcome you to the Eastern Aroostook RSU 39 webpage.  RSU 39 is a school district that comprises the three communities of Caribou, and Stockholm located in beautiful central Aroostook County.  We take great pride in providing a student-centered approach to teaching and learning for all our students and greater satisfaction with building strong ties with our respected communities.  Our district’s goal is to prepare all RSU 39 students for college, career, and citizenship, in doing so we are “Preparing Today’s Learners for Tomorrow’s World”. 


As we persistently focus on student-centered learning, it is important for us all to remember the importance of community and family partnerships.  It is strong partnerships that enable our students to be successful. It takes a collaborative effort to maintain the capacities to pave a path of continuous improvement.  RSU 39 School District is only as strong as its relationships with parents and community members. So, whether you are visiting our wonderful schools, attending our athletic events, taking part in our many student activities, or participating in our musical/arts performances, I hope we can provide you with a reason to be a part of our school experience.

Please contact me personally if you have any questions or would like to discuss the RSU 39 school district further.  I can be reached at 1-(207)-496-6311 or email tdoak@rsu39.org. 

Timothy L. Doak

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