Schoology Parent Access

The district is moving to a new Learning Management System, Schoology. Currently, only high school parents can receive an access code and join the Schoology community.

Lessons were certainly learned from the "emergency remote learning" this past March. We realized that we needed something to improve the remote experience especially with younger learners. The decision to use an LMS was primarily for safety and security reasons. The use of an LMS means that all of the teacher's materials like assignments, video's, documents, pdfs, fillable forms and worksheets, and even links to websites are going to be inside of the LMS so learners will not be in YouTube without supervision or be using email. They can message teacher and the teacher can message them or the parent all from inside the LMS.

The majority of our teachers in RSU 39 are moving to Schoology, by the end of the the first semester for CHS and first trimester for CCS all teachers will have transitioned into Schoology. This is important because what we heard from parents in our surveys were that they want one platform for all teachers, students, and parent use. Our district is moving towards right now but rest assured even if we have teachers using classroom your child will still be safe and secure online. If as a parent you want to have an account to see what your child has for homework and what is due as well as see all of the educational learning material placed in the LMS by teachers then please email your teacher for an access code for your child(ren) and they can email it to you to get you started. This tutorial will also help you setup your parent account and connect to your student's Schoology LMS account.