Digital Maine Library Launches New Name and Website

MARVEL is now the Digital Maine Library - A new name, a new logo, a new website and new technologies providing access to both old and new content.

The Maine State Library is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Maine Library. We are saying goodbye to MARVEL and hello to the Digital Maine Library this weekend.

Spread the word - and the new web address. Over this holiday weekend, links and forwarders will be employed to point to the new web address.

Links and bookmarks that are pointing to the old MARVEL! location will be automatically redirected to the new site by Tuesday morning.

More than 14 years ago, the name "MARVEL!" was given to the online resources in Maine's virtual library. Over the past few years there have been a wide variety of dedicated people who provided input, suggestions and expertise on giving our online resources a new look. We wanted to employ some new technology, utilize the competitive bidding process to get more high quality content at a competitive price and give our resources the fresh look they deserved. Through our strong partnerships with both Maine InfoNet and the University of Maine, and contributions by Bates, Bowdoin and Colby, the Digital Maine Library enables features and content that might otherwise not be available.

The new website for the Digital Maine Library employs a variety of new technologies, new opportunities and a unique approach to accessing digital content - whether it is a database, online learning tool or other web-based resources. The Digital Maine Library utilizes new geo-location/authentication technologies to help make access easier from home. This technology will continue to improve over time and ensure that Maine citizens have an equal experience using the Digital Maine Library at home as well as in library buildings. We are reinforcing with our new tagline for this access - "No matter where you are in Maine, you're at the library."

More about our use of geolocation is available in our document, Why are you asking me to share my location?

The new "sift and sort" feature uses a script that helps you find the best online resource for your needs. You can choose Subject, Resource Type or Audience - or a combination. This technology allows you to drill down and eliminate resources you may not need. Each resource has a graphic, a description and tags that match with the Subject, Audience and Resource Type. Tagging provides the ability to create Audience specific pages like this one for Elementary students.

View or download a PDF with more information at:

An alphabetical index can be accessed by clicking the A-Z link in the top navigation.

An A-Z list with descriptions is available at: and this also is provided to patrons using screen readers to access online content.

For the advanced searchers, we will be testing both the Gale Power Search and the EBSCO EDS. We will be asking for your input on that over the next few months.

Feel free to provide feedback on our form:

This is an ongoing project that we hope to improve where needed.

We are all excited and hope you will be too!