Federal Grants Planning Meeting July 25th

Dear Parents / Guardians: You are invited to a meeting to help decide how our district will use the federal funding we receive for education from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as amended (2015). Our district holds this meeting every year.

Please join us at this public meeting to discuss funding for these programs. Programs that will be discussed are:

Title I Part A – Improving Basic Programs Operated by School Districts Title I, Part A, provides services that are in addition to our regular instructional program. Instruction is provided by public school teachers or through a contractor hired by the district. Services are provided to students who are educationally disadvantaged and failing or most at risk of failing and who live in participating public school attendance areas.

Title II Part A – Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers, Principals, or Other School Leaders The Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund provides assistance for preparing, training, recruiting and retaining high quality teachers. Private school teachers, principals, and other educational personnel may participate in professional development activities if the district uses funds to provide for professional development.

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvement Act The McKinney Vento program provides services and activities for children and youth, including unaccompanied youth that are homeless. This includes improving the identification of children and youth that are homeless and helping them enroll in, attend, and succeed in school.

Meeting Date: July 25, 2018 Time: 10:00 a.m. Meeting Location: Superintendent’s Office 75 Glenn Street Caribou, ME 04736

We look forward to working with you so that all students can succeed in school.


Jane McCall Assistant Superintendent