Technology & Data Services

RSU 39 is a K-12 partner with Google Apps for Education, now called G Suite. An understanding of the broad use of information and technology around the world in the 21st Century requires that schools look different than they once did. Memorizing facts and providing formulaic solutions to teachers are not the type of innovative skills that students need to prepare for their futures. Rather, they must be creative, critical thinkers who can find and evaluate information and use that to solve complex problems.

Technology in RSU 39 is designed to support authentic and problem-based learning opportunities for students while also ensuring that staff members and the community at-large benefit from innovative and efficient solutions.

G Suite

RSU 39 students and staff members have access to the full range of G Suite tools, on their Chromebook's and across devices. Students and staff can access G Suite by simply logging into GmailInbox by Gmail, or Drive with their RSU account.


Students and staff members in RSU 39 are provided with Chromebook's. While a number of different models are currently in use, and new models are being explored all the time, Chromebook's offer a fast, secure, economical, and reliable way to get work done.

Kajeet Wireless Internet Hotspots 

Through action research, school districts have discovered that having access to a high-speed home Internet connection can result in one to two years of academic performance in reading and mathematics for students over those students who do not have such access.

RSU 39 has been a leader in acting on this information. Through our Gear Up Grant and Program, we have been able to work with the company Sentinel to ensure that all students in Grades 7-12 have access to a robust Internet connection at home for free.  These hotspots are available for students at Caribou High School in the Transitions Center,  Caribou Middle School through Mr. Pelletier and the after-school Gear Up tutoring program. 

Help Requests

When students or staff members identify that something is not working right, either with their Chromebook or another device, the network, or an online service, a Support Ticket should be filed. Alternatively, students at CHS in grades 9-12 and staff members are invited to visit the Tech Department (Room 205) aka ChromeDepot for assistance and support from our Junior Tech's.

Students as Tech Support

RSU 39 is a K-12 1:1 tablet, apps for Education district. Our district is home to one brand new K-8 elementary/middle school, and one high school. 

Caribou High School

Recruiting a team of tech-savvy students who were able to troubleshoot and solve technology problems effectively with multiple devices and offer their advice on how to best leverage the Chromebook's in the classroom was a key factor in the success of RSU 39's 9-12 1:1 program. The creation of a student-run Help Desk alleviated some of the demands placed on the Technology & Data Services Department while at the same time creating a school culture where students became partners in pedagogy. Teachers and students now collaborate on which technology tools are most effective in the classroom; everyone is learning together. Help Desk students will often be called upon to demonstrate a technology tool in their classes because they have established themselves as ed tech leaders in the community.

The Help Desk was modeled after Apple’s Genius Bar. Located in Room 205 located in CHS, the Help Desk is open throughout the day for teachers, students, staff, and administrators. Since its inception in 2017, the program has evolved: students now do much more than offer solutions to technology problems. Our current initiatives with our Jr Tech Program for the 20-21 school year will be publishing a globally recognized blog, present at state and regional educational technology conferences, consult with app developers and local businesses, and host a Live Google Hangout On Air Show called “Jr Tech Bytes Live.” 

Help Desk students have also emerged as exceptional digital role models for their peers. All maintain personal blogs and many leverage social media tools including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (sparingly), TikTok, Instagram, and About.Me to showcase their skills and to connect with industry professionals. Students complete an application.