PowerSchool Parent Portal - NEVER HAD AN ACCOUNT

PowerSchool Parent Portal - HAD AN ACCOUNT PREVIOUSLY

Eastern Aroostook RSU 39 implemented Online Registration for new and returning student this school year. In order for parent/guardians to maintain accurate information regarding student data (phone numbers, address, and contacts) we are asking that all parent/guardians have a PowerSchool Parent Account. Please follow the instructions below to verify your account is setup.

To Access your Parent PowerSchool Parent Account:

  1. In a web browser, go to
    (Bookmark this page for future reference)

  2. Enter your email address
    (This would be the email address you used during your original account creation)

  3. Enter in the password
    (If you need your password reset please email RSU39 at

This portal is an excellent communication tool between parent, student and teacher. We encourage parents first line of communicate to be with the student then to the teacher is necessary.

Grades are posted to the Parent Portal by the teachers. The teacher's grade book is a "snapshot" and does not always accurately reflect the student's overall progress or performance. Grades can have different values in weighting and will vary by particular courses. Please remember that all assignments will be put up as soon as possible by all teachers but some projects will take longer to assess and post depending on their size. If you have questions regarding an assignment, you can always email the teacher.

Please email RSU 39's Technology Department at, or call us at 207-493-4246 Ext 1122 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Thank you for your participation in the Parent Portal.

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