Our District


“Preparing Today’s Learners for Tomorrow’s World”

RSU 39 recognizes that in order for students to meet the ever changing demands of the 21st Century, we need to move away from the traditional model of education, toward a model that supports a student centered proficiency based education. By partnering with local and global communities RSU 39 will provide innovative, dynamic and future focused learning opportunities for all students.

The Vision of RSU 39 is to be a student centered, proficiency based educational system where:

Rigorous Standards

  1. All learners demonstrate readiness for future success by meeting rigorous and relevant standards and expectations.

  2. The learning environment will support student achievement of academic expectations through a well organized and comprehensive curriculum that is research based and where the learning goals are clear to everyone.

Individualized Learning

  1. All learners are involved in planning their personal learning pathways for success and have ownership of their learning.

  2. Individual learning pathways are developed for each student through collaborative relationships with school staff and other supportive adults.

Assessment Guides Learning

  1. All learners will demonstrate proficiency of the standards through a collection of assessments and other forms of evidence that monitor and document their progress over time. 

  2. Staff will utilize this evidence to support student learning, advise next steps, and adjust learning pathways accordingly.

Staff Committed to Supporting All Students

  1. All learners are supported by knowledgeable, committed and caring staff.

  2. The staff of RSU 39 engage in reflective practice and seek opportunities for continuous professional growth in order to support student learning.