Library Services

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Library Procedures

General Information:

  1. We open at 7:45 each morning Monday - Friday

  2. The library closes at 3:05 Monday - Thursday, 3:00 on Fri.

  3. Students sign out to the library from the cafeteria study hall

  4. A hall pass is needed if coming from a study hall located in a classroom

​The high school library is: 

  • A place where educational / school related research is conducted.

  • A place where reading is encouraged.

  • A quiet place, where students are expected to conducted their work in a whispered tone of voice.

The high school library is not:

  • A place where students may gather to talk.

  • A place where students may roam. 

When you arrive at the library:

  • Sign-in at the circulation desk.  You are invited to browse the collection, read quietly or conduct research.  

  • If you borrow a dictionary, scissors, tape, markers, etc., please sign them out on the clipboard next to your name. 

  • Magazines are located behind the circulation desk and will be loaned out for the period.

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the library. 

  • You may listen to music via MP3, CD player (available at the circulation desk) while reading or studying.  Ear buds are available at the Circulation desk for check out.

Using the library is a privilege which may be revoked any time a student behaves irresponsibly.

  • If you are asked to leave the library for misbehavior or disrupting others, your first offense will mean being asked to return to study hall for the remainder of the period. 

  • The second offense is no library privileges for 1 week.

  • A third offense is no library privileges for 1 month (30 days).

  • Any further offense will result in loss of library privileges for the remainder of the semester.

*A student who is under library suspension may come into the library from lunch/study hall ONLY with a pass from a classroom teacher, stating a specific project which requires library use/materials. Students can still check out material to bring directly back to study hall or lunch.