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POWER HOUR is a series of exciting after-school seminars created by teachers.

 Seminars run the first two weeks of each month on T-W-Th. 

Students in grades 4-8 can come to one seminar or come every month and participate in many. 

These seminars are exciting, hands-on based, and small group sessions that we think kids will LOVE!!!

*Spots are limited and on a first come first served basis 

*Individual seminars may close earlier if enrollment reaches a maximum number of students

*No late registrations, phone calls, or notes will be accepted

Students in Grades 4-8 Click here to sign up

If you have any questions please contact Jen Poitras at or April Belyea at

Power Hour Registration opens: TBA

REMINDER: October Power Hour Seminars will be held from October 3-12!

Click here for a list of seminars