Requirements After Acceptance


Applicants will be notified of Caribou Tech’s admission decision via mailed letters.  This letter will include instructions for Registering as a student with RSU39-Caribou Tech.  RSU39 requires all registrations to be completed online.  Registration is required and is very important to be done in a timely manner, as this will provide Caribou Tech with all of the information that we need to welcome you as a student in the Fall.  

Health Insurance 

Caribou Tech is required to collect proof of Health Insurance from all of our students.  It is not necessary to send this in with your application as it is only required after acceptance.  Parents can upload a copy of their insurance to the Registration Portal, or we can make a copy of your health insurance card at the beginning of the school year.  If you do not have health insurance, you may purchase school-based health insurance at a reasonable price. 

Immunization and Health Records 

Our Nurse’s Office requires up-to-date Immunization Records on all of our students.  If you are a Caribou High School student, this information is already on record.  Upon acceptance, Caribou Tech will request Sending School Nurses to forward immunization records for their students. Students in Emergency Medical Technician and Health and Medical Sciences programs may need additional immunizations prior to entering our clinical sites.   

The online registration will request certain Health Information that our Nurses will review in order to ensure your child’s safety while at our school.  Students who require medication to be administered while at Caribou Tech (including over-the-counter medication) will be required to have a doctor’s note on file with our Nurses stating such.  

Individual Education Plans 

If you receive Special Education services, we will collect your IEP from your school after you’ve been accepted into one of our programs.  We do this so that we are informed of your accommodations and needs throughout the school year.  Caribou Tech will be part of your IEP team for the duration of your time as one of our students.