Application Priority Deadline of May 1st Each Year 

Our Priority Deadline for Applications is set to allow equal application access for students from all of our communities, while also ensuring ample time to notify students of our admission decisions so that they may plan their schedules for the next year.  The Priority Deadline is always May 1st of every year.  This means that we will not start making admissions decisions into our programs until May 1st. The applications received by May 1st will receive first chance at getting a space in our programs.  Many of our programs will fill and run a waiting list, so it is important to get applications in by the Priority Deadline in order to have the best chance at securing space in a program.  We will continue accepting applications after the Priority Deadline and will enroll applicants as long as there is space in the program.

Program Maximums 

All of our programs are regulated and have a maximum number of students that we can accept.  For most programs, the maximum number of students range from 12 to 16 per class.  Health and Medical Sciences and EMT are limited to 10 students per class due to state regulations.  CDL, Large Equipment, and Food Services are limited to 8 students per class.

Admission Decisions 

In the event that we have received more applications than our Maximum for a particular program by the Priority Deadline, we use a rubric to determine which students will get admitted and also determine the order of our waiting list.  Rubrics may vary slightly by program, but generally speaking, students will be assigned points based on 1) Grade Level, 2) Historical Attendance, and 3) Sending School Quotas.  We are required by State regulations to set aside a certain number of slots per Sending School in order to ensure equal access for students from all of our Sending School Communities.  We may also give preference to non-traditional students (for example; a female applying for Auto Tech or a male applying for CNA). 

Waiting Lists 

After programs are filled to capacity, there may be a need to establish a Waiting List.  A student added to the Waiting List will be notified and given the opportunity to select another program while keeping their spot on the waiting list for their first program choice.  It is very common for students to be removed from the waiting list and given a slot in their original program of choice.  We will continue taking students off the waiting list right up through the first few weeks of school.