Mission Statement
It is the mission of Caribou Community School to ensure all students experience growth in their learning in a safe and positive environment. 

School-wide Goal:
Reading- to improve student performance in reading at each grade level as measured by local, state, and national assessments.

Welcome to our school website!  Caribou Community School is located at 24 Bennett Drive in Caribou, Maine. We are now Grades Pre K-8.  Our staff goes above and beyond to provide a safe, positive, and successful learning environment for students.  We are very proud of our school and hope our website gives you an idea of who we are. 

Administration & Staff
Teachers & Educational Technicians
Special Education
Kara Bouchard
Gail Lyford
Twyla Learnard, ELA Grades 7/8
Rodney Deschaine, Math/Science Grades 7/8
Jennifer Michaud, Life Skills
Brooke Ridley, Day Treatment
Heidi Belanger- Life Skills
Title 1
Heidi Clark, Title 1 Teacher
Debra Corey, Title 1 Teacher
Cassandra Davenport, Title 1 Teacher
Special Area Teachers
Todd Albert, Health/Physical Education
Lisa Anderson, Computer Science Discovery
Stephanie Bresett, Computer Technology
Maureen Connell, Innovation Center
Ryan Deprey, Health/Physical Education
PJ Gorneault, Physical Education
Amy Hunter, Music
Vicki King, Music
Lori Knight, Gifted and Talented
Lena McShea, Art
Carla Picard, ELL
Angela Cormier, Occupational Therapy
Amanda Knox, Speech Therapy
Amy Laplante, Occupational Therapist
Donna McCrossin, Speech Therapist
Angela Scheibler, Physical Therapist
Educational Technicians
Laurie Caron, Educational Technician
Laurie Cavagnaro, Education Technician
Betty Currie, Education Technician
Alicia Dorr, Education Technician
Martina Dow, Education Technician
Stephanie Hill, Education Technician
Gail Jackson, Education Technician
Joseph Ladd, Duty Aide
Jaci Lapointe, Educational Technician
Katherine Moody, Educational Technician
Diane Norton, Educational Technician
Heather Parisien, Educational Technician
Stori Manter, Educational Technician
Sara Smart, Duty Aide
Annette Staples, Educational Technician
Bianca Walker, Educational Technician
Darla Wambold, Educational Technician
Building Maintenance & Food Service
24 Bennett Drive, Caribou, ME 04736 ~ 207-493-4240 Phone / 207-493-4244 Fax